• Costa Rica: The perfect vacation paradise
    Costa Rica: The perfect vacation paradise

    Costa Rica is an incredible country located in Central America. This small territory stands out for its natural beauty and wide biodiversity. From the beach to the mountains, this small piece of land has everything to be your next dream destination.

    There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of the waves, while enjoying  the most luxurious rental property options in the area. Whether it is a house in the middle of the forest or overlooking the sea, the properties we rent are carefully selected to offer an exclusive experience.

    It doesn’t matter if you visit during the dry or the rainy season, both provide spectacular advantages. The dry season provides plenty of sunshine, while the rainy season brings the flowering of trees with their explosions of colors and scents.

    Guanacaste is located north of the country and is the perfect combination of relaxed lifestyle and natural beauty. With more than 600 beaches, the Guanacaste coast has an average temperature close to 30ºC with incredible sunsets throughout the year and entertainment options for all tastes.

    The ocean breeze, the sound of the treetops, the surfing waves and being able to observe different species of animals, from monkeys to whales is a dream come true in this paradise. In short, this province combines scenic views with a simple yet rich lifestyle.

    Guanacaste has an estimated 235,000 species (approximately 65% of all species in Costa Rica) and held an average 6.5% of the world’s biodiversity. Some National Parks located in this region includes beaches, reserves of humid, dry and rainy tropical forest, waterfalls, coral reefs and much more.

    Visiting Costa Rica should be part of your bucket list and we can help you make your experience even better!

  • Villa Sozo: Luxury in details

    Luxury is a concept and not just a price point. Villa Sozo in Tamarindo, Guanacaste, is an incredible villa, submerged among native trees and with panoramic views of the sea.

    This private property combines the carefully selected location with a clean, bold architectural style that suits all the requirements for an extraordinary experience.

    Featuring 8 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, spacious terraces and balconies, designed to merge with its surroundings. Incredible water features to refresh the warm climate of the area, starting with the 2,5 meters deep private pool, a water slide and a jacuzzi.

    The social and entertainment areas welcome you to a terrace lounge overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Tamarindo Bay. The fireplace is the perfect detail that blends all the atmosphere into a space of harmony and peace. Villa Sozo offers space for up to 22 people.

    The architectural design of this house combines the best of the open contemporary style merged with the dry tropical forest of its surroundings. Without leaving comfort aside, each room has air conditioning, ceiling to floor windows with views of the ocean and the mountains, private bathrooms, closet space and more!

    Whether it’s for a wedding, an important event or even to have the vacation of your dreams; Villa Sozo is the best option to spend incredible days in an incredible paradise.

  • Villa Sozo: A hidden spring break gem

    Warm weather arrives early in the Guanacaste coastal area and Villa sozo is a treasure in the middle of the mountains, with ocean views and luxury finishes, perfect for a family vacation in the tropics.

    Spring Break is the time of year when people plan a nice trip out of town to get away from the stress of school and work. If your spring break is coming up and you want to try something new this year besides your local beach, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Travel guide inspiration in Tamarindo

    Tamarindo is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. This perfect destination has a wide variety of entertainment options for lovers of warm weather and relaxed lifestyle.

    Perfect waves for surfing, underwater sports, wildlife, national parks and more! Tamarindo has all the comforts to have the city within reach while living immersed in nature.